August 5th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

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Okay, quick note for those participating or thinking of participating in the Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge.

I set up a community to keep track of the posts, because it can only lead to disaster if I try and do the entire thing here.

Community -

The signups will continue here. The only thing I'm keeping there is the claimed stories list, a short link section on where to find things, and some other stuff. All commentaries when completed should be posted there to keep them conveniently in one place, but I set it to open posting, so you shouldn't have to join to post to it. I don't think. I am not Miss Knows Communities. I am Miss Nods When Someone Else Sets Them Up. It's kind of embarrassing, actually, now that I think about it.

Anyway, I am--really getting all excited about seeing the commentaries! I'll set my own claims up today on fic, I just want to give as many people a chance as possible to claim what they want first.
clex touch

the leopard gekko of doom

I figured I could get the mockery over with early.

I bought Child a Leopard Geeko.


Yeah, svmadelyn was restraining herself last night, but I was also feeling weird and dizzy--hey, new information; dehydration makes you feel disconnected. I so did not know that. I'm guessing my grace period will end now.

Okay, but this is *different*. I went to Zookeeper with Vannezsa because they have a two-toed sloth--no, not kidding, if you live near Austin, you've *seen* this thing, in the window, along with a massive iguana. On the other side is a snake large enough to eat me. Anyway. It was still open, so we went in, breathing in the scent of reptiles, and my tolerance for snakes is still hideously low, but for things with arms and legs, *much better*.

We marveled at teh frilled lizard, the tiny oh my God how adorable bearded dragons--just came out of the incubator!--and precious chameleons, and this thing that looks like it belongs on teh cover of National Geographic. The terribly young (read: late teens, early twenties) guy who worked there wandered over to watch me twitch at the legless lizard, and we talked about the Mali U-something that you will see me refer to as Unix that I want to get Child. We chatted about breeding bearded dragons and malis--and it scares me, how much I could follow this conversation--and I asked how often they got baby Malis. Apparently, they are not easy to breed. Anyway, I asked about other age appropriate lizards for children, since I had promised Child that he could get one more, and I met the Leopard Gekko.

Oh. Oh. I wish I could express how just freakishly adorable this thing is, but he just is. We have an empty fish tank I'm going to remodel into a gekko home for him tomorrow, but he's just--pretty colors. I didn't even mind when he crawled on my hand. He looks so *smart*. God, you know you're screwed when you're cooing at the reptile on your hand, especially since the view of your son's bearded dragon can still skyrocket your blood pressure.

Anyway. There you have it. We are a four rabbit, two lizard family. I really don't have words.

Other animmals viewed: Many Large Snakes. Many Small Narrow Snakes. Many Long Snakes. One Massive Huge Yellow Snake With a Head As Large As My Hand. While visiting the bunny bin, Large Snake I Had to Be Led Away From While Breathing Steadily. One Mongoose--he kind of looked like a really pretty cross between a tiny cheetah and a really slinky ferret. An adorable set of turtles.

So. Go ahead. Mock away. Yes yes yes. But God. So cute.