July 31st, 2006



It's just never a good sign when you spend the entire morning honestly believing that a life on the street selling shell bracelets and turning tricks might be preferable to one more second talking to customers who ask incredibly hostile, mindbogglingly stupid questions. No, I don't mean regular stupid. I mean the kind you wonder if they have opposable thumbs.

And y'all know how much I love my wireless access, so that is seriously saying something.

argh, part two

I cannot prove half these people walk upright. I'd add to this list not just those I am walking through teh baby steps of communication, but those who send them to us with the bright idea we are actually psychic so when they say, I need this social program, what they actually mean is, I want a program that is actually something you might have heard of and has a totally different name and function.

And dear God, do they kiss their mothers with those mouths?

I'm trying to figure out a way to post some of these--unique--conversations contextually. But suffice to say--right now I am working on giving people hives with my mind. It's not fatal, but dear God, will it hurt.

Hives. With. My. Mind. I'm so not kidding.