July 29th, 2006

hot toddy

sgareview - irresistible, s3e3

So just finished watching SGA 3.3 - Irresistible.

Also, I haven't slept yet. I'm pretty sure I'm about twenty four hours away from a sleep-deprivation psychotic episode. I plan to use it wisely, by climbing up on the roof naked and reciting Mark Antony's funeral speech from Julius Caesar. Thank you English IV II Teacher for making me memorize that and use valuable brain space for a speech that I cannot now *forget* no matter that it's been twelve years OMG FOURTEEN YEARS I READ THAT DAMN THING IN MY SOPHMORE YEAR NOT SENIOR since I had to memorize it.

Right. Episode. This? Totally makes up for like, sleep deprivation, Misbegotten weirdness, and a fairly severe allergy attack.

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