July 27th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

insta!rec - sojourn by ltlj

If you haven't read this, you really, really should.

Sojourn by ltlj - pre Siege II, roughly set somewhere within Retrograde universe or an AU thereof, but really, it stands alone *just fine*, John/Teyla, hugely funny, insightful, and wonderful Post-gift fic when Teyla goes to the mainland to tell the Athosians what she is. It has fabulous lines, really hot sex, and pitch-perfect characterizations. I can totally see this.
children of dune - leto 1

it's totally a day to purr

Dear God. Thank you roguewords for the rec.

It's Not Citrus by daydreamer, Sheppard/McKay - this can best be expressed by the concept of Most Significant Donut Ever. Written for the What's Your Filling challenge.

I--God. This was *hysterical*. Run, do not walk.

P6X-930 had seemed like a nice enough world. Courteous natives, insentient flora with medicinal properties, and nary an eccentric sex ritual in sight. The inhabitants had shared a simple but hearty meal, asked curious but not intrusive questions about their customs, and offered to trade herbs for medical knowledge and textiles. They had even gone so far as to offer their guests the gift of a ceremonial pastry, which they claimed would have a flavor with great significance to the recipient.

And hey, while I'm here.

As Lost As You Get by lilysaid - absolutely *stunning* Ephiphany extension and alteration, making a lot of the original ep made sense. I liked the ep before--I like it even more now. Beautiful writing, very much lilysaid. And an interesting look at Ascension from Rodney's pov.

The Dark Side by astolat - you know, I *still* don't know what to say about this one. It's just so--terrible, terribly appropriate. No spoilers even for concept. Just you know, thinking, huh. Yeah. *Excellent*.

Okay, this has been a good day for fandom. Just saying. *Six stories I loved*. That is just pure happiness.