June 24th, 2006


Question for Voyager fans

Okay, to Star Trek Voyager fans, former ST: Voyager fans, readers at ASC, PTF, ASCEML, or anyone on the Trekiverse archive staff, current or former:

I'm trying to get in touch with Katie Redshoes so I can get clearance on reccing some of hers and Captain Jinx's fic. I have been gone *way* too long and can't remember if that was allowed. Anyone know where she is or remember what her rec policy was? It was archived in Trekiverse, right, so it should be free game? I only have her old site bookmarked.
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Where Are They Now?

MORE: I'll be continuously updating as I remember stuff or other people add information

AND MORE: Am adding stuff still, will answer comments and oh man, you all seriously *rock*. I'd forgotten so much!

YES MORE: Requested to put behind cut due to length, which I should have thought of myself, but dear God, I had no idea it had gotten that long. Wow.

Okay, so--I have no idea how to even go about this, but let's try it this way.

I am finally looking blankly at my Voyager rec page, since dear God, it has to be fleshed out a a little and actual decent links put in. Also--okay, stupid moment--I am totally getting nostalgic for my first fandom here. I mean, like re-reading sad fic remembering my first pilot love (before John Sheppard), and his genius, sarcastic, engineer girlfriend (you see why SGA was practically destiny, right?). And so.

If you were a Voyager (or any Star Trek pre-Enterprise) writer, reader, archivist, poster, lurker, feedbacker, if you were active on any of the Trek mailing lists, PT Collective, usenet, BLTS, the locked C/P and P/K archives and lists, the Janeway/Seven lists, ASCA, ASCEM, ASCEM(L), PTFever, J/CVille (contributed by trobadora), any of the hundred million J/Cs, JuPiter Station, messageboards, check in here? I'm also building my wish list of authors to track down below--if you have someone you want added, leave a comment.

ETA: This is not a complete list.

Let's begin with:

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And now.

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Okay, that is not close to all. When I remember more, I'll add to the list. If anyone else wants to add someone they remembered and loved from Voyager? Feel free to comment.

ETA: If you participated at all, just comment with, if you don't mind, your pseud and where you hung out. This is a meet and greet! Not just a search for authors, but a search for Trek fen.

You know, I can be a serious dork sometimes. If you are not claiming your Trek work anymore--and I remember Trek had some people with very deep real life/online life separation issues--I am not trying to out anyone as a Trek smutwriter here. Just, you know, followup.

ETA: Added PTCollective to list of messageboards. Also, link me to active archives or listings?

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Adding a new section--missing fic! You know the author, the title, but goshdarnit, where'd the fic go?

Asked by z_rayne Voyager Chakotay/Paris genderfuck round robin, late nineties. Unknown list.

Asked by z_rayne Fic by Tommyhawke, Chakotay/Paris

My first recommendation is Trekiverse--I spent time in that archive when I was helping out, and dear God.

Because like, four people have so far mentioned it.

The Left Hand of Madness by Siobhan

The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway (ccntributed by trobadora)

Okay, even as a wee newbie het fangirl, and an extremely vanilla, no one wearing leather, all my people had slow sex on clean sheets fangirl, I knew of and read these, though let me tell you, at the time, not so much with the easy to find. Highly, highly recommended. Not for those with strong anti-bdsm, cause seriously. Just look at the title.

The Shattering of the Mask by Mort (contributed by in_the_bottle)
Chakotay/Paris, VOY

This Instant Made Eternity by Michelle Masterson (contributed by mandysbitch)

The Cardassian Mask by L.R. Bowen (contributed by trobadora)
The Snow Queen by L.R. Bowen

The Talking Stick/Circle Series by Macedon and Peggy
http://members.aol.com/macedonpg/ (contributed by vassilissa)

Classic, classic, *classic* Voyager. And I completely forgot about it.

I'll add a cut when there are enough fic to warrant it. These are just ones I remember people mentioning wanting to read again.

...I'm probably going to have to organize these links. *faintly* Wow.

Also, if you see links suddenly change? That's me changing them when tboy finds an error. *g* Yeah, I--was doign this too fast, apparently.

And third: Will continue adding to the list as long as people add links, names, etc. Feel free to comment and add yours. Say hi to fellow Trekkers!

Updated 3/14/2008: Current up to karmenghia.

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Okay, this is pretty much a self-pimp, which, well, okay. There. That is what it is.

If you haven't seen it, there's a really nice Voyager Reference thingie building here. If you wrote, read, lurked, archived, danced, *whatever* in Trek, esp Voyager, but hey, any of the Treks, wander over and check in? Especially the VOY slash fen--they were kind of insular when I was in Trek, by which I mean, I am continually surprised when I run across them. Also, if you want to find someone you haven't seen in awhile from Trek, feel free to comment. And hey, some already have! You could find a former friend, favorite writer, old beta, that person you flamed to death back on ASCEML! It'll be fun!

Basically, think of this as a meet and greet for the Trek fen. If you know a former writer/reader/lurker, pass it on? I'd like to see how complete a directory I can get here.

Also importantly--I'm compiling a list. If you dont' want to be on there, are disassociating from fandom, Trek, whatever, I really need to know so I can remove your name/link or never put it up at all.

So right. Come and play! I'm finding people I never knew were in Trek there!