June 23rd, 2006

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So at work, we have three new employees. We have been trying--and I emphasize the word--to get them access to their computers. Four (FOUR!) security forms, a hundred phone calls, and one temper tantrum later, I am on the phone with help desk to discover that...

a.) despite multiple phone calls over four days (and a tantrum! A good one!), they are still unaware that two of my people don't have computer access and one has no computer at all. They are shocked, amazed, and have asked me every time, why didn't you tell us?

b.) ditto, but for phones.

Every. Call. It's all new and shocking. They give me ticket--ticket is basically a change/complaint/request number--and read it and strangely, only one thing I said gets on there, and always the least important part. Like air.

...I can't believe I just sat here listing off all the parts of a computer to the guy on the phone. I have this horrible suspicion he'll walk in with like, just a naked hard drive and be shocked, amazed that there is no tower waiting. I am in that place.

God, I better say keyboard. God knows what tech thinks people do with computers.

I can kind of see this will not be one of my better work days.

The really depressing, yet amusing part is--this really isn't my job anymore. But on the other hand, at this point? I just want to beat them. And by them, I mean the Privatized Outsourced Much Cheaper Computer Tech People.

...oh my god, they are asking again about whether anyone needs program access. This is what hell is like. It is a guy on the phone with short term memory amnesia.