June 22nd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


Whilst--I have really, really been wanting to use that word, in context or out--wandering through The Republic of Pemberley, and through their fanfic board, I had this sudden, vaguely bitter nostalgia for messageboards.

To put this in perspective--I was usenet to mailing list to livejournal as far as my fannish participation goes. I never actually, well, *spent much time* on messageboards. Or you know, outside reading TWOP and QaF Refugee Board--any at all. Wait, okay, and I used to read jengrrrl's Roswell fic off a messageboard, I think. But other than that, no.

I'm also missing mailing list discussions in the worst way, which sounds crazy because they raised my blood pressure so fast I could see spots. I think since I've been off them so long, they're taking on a Vaseline-smeared glow of nostalgia; I mean, I can go look at my posts then to actually trace the movement of my temper. And usenet! I miss usenet and threaded commentary and the occasional Insane Trek Fanatic who would wander in to make horrible, grating noises about canon purity.

I even kind of miss being able to totally lose my shit in a group setting. I mean, mob mentality bad, yes yes yes, but you know, it was always kind of fun when everyone else sort of did it with you.

Okay, and officially, I need to sleep more or something. Gah.