June 14th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

rec - predatory by frostfire_17

Predatory by frostfire_17 - whoa boy. If there was ever a time for Sheppard to turn flirtation into a mechanism of war, this is the time, and if ever anyone was ever qualified to make it an art form, that would be Sheppard. That was weirdly and so inappropriately hot.

You've never--this is something that girls do, use this kind of thing against people. You're drooling at them as they drape themselves over your bed wearing nothing but one of your dress shirts, and before you know it, Pierre's? Uh, sure, we can go there on Friday, and you're shelling out a hundred and fifty bucks for your next dinner.

Wow. Seriously. *Wow*.
brothers grimm

*dawning horror*

Okay, svmadelyn just traumatized me. So. Tell her she's wrong.

Here's what happened.

Outside during my smoke break, Guy From Hotline (where I will start next week) came out, we had a short, disjointed chat. As I finished, I started to walk away.

I'm going to pull this from memory as best I can, because this counts as the most surreal conversation I've had while not tripping.

Him: Jenn, can I ask you a question?

Me: *turns* Sure.

Him: *nothing*

Me: *waiting*

Him: *nothing*

Me: *waiting*

Him: Odd numbers.

Me: *blank look*

I can't remember how he phrased this, but it ended up being a short discussion on--okay, seriously, I am *not kidding*--on teh difference between odd numbers and--and primes. So we--no, I'm not making this up, I could not make up something this weird--ended up discussion Mersenne--this is totaly my fault for reading up on this to get through some of astolat's fic--and then the kid in Round Rock who found the most recent prime and kind of--just. Proofs.

...I actually don't know any. He used to be an accountant. This conversation went place I haven't visited since my sophmore year in college. Or you know, sga math porn fic.

This sort of thing did not happen to me before SGA.

Okay, so. Here is svmadelyn after I share this tale of confusion and weirdness.

seperis: He was so--weird about it.
seperis: It took forever for him to get out the question.
svmadelyn: oh god, maybe that was his--attempt at flirtation
svmadelyn: and it just went way off.
seperis: ...no
seperis: No.
seperis: NO.
seperis: I am in the SGA fandom
svmadelyn: he probably meant to ask you out
svmadelyn: and all that came out was about primes
seperis: Yes, I now read particle physics for background info
seperis: Yes, I am reading The Elegant Universe.
svmadelyn: and now he's home sitting there, drunk and asking himself, why am I such an *asshole*
svmadelyn: she was standing right THERE
svmadelyn: and I asked her about PRIMES
svmadelyn: oh GOD I got all flustered, with her cigarette and PRIMES

Okay. So please, answer here. There is *no way* anyone is going to *flirt with numbers*. Just tell her. Tell her *now*.