June 10th, 2006


two hours and counting

I have two more hours before I have to stop being angry about this. So.

Borrowed from deadlychameleon who borrowed from xoverau:

"If you post a hate meme, if you post defending a hate meme, if you post that you've WRITTEN something hateful in a hate meme, I will defriend you. No argument about it being your right--of course it's your right. No argument about whether it's your cup of tea--fine, it can be your cup of tea. No argument about whether we agree on this subject or one of us should lighten up--it's moot. Because your wanky cowardly petty backbiting puerile ass will be off my friendslist. Okay? Consider this clause to have a half life of FOREVER."
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children of dune - leto 1

coffee, mostly

You know, before today, I never really knew all the things an admin console *did*.

*whole new universe*

Also, I bought coffee. Yes, shocking. But more importantly, it smells so good that I'm scared to drink it. It can't *taste* that good. Nothing can taste that good.

ETA: Okay, it *is* as good as it smells. Central Market, La Vida Dulce. Seriously. *Just as good as it smells*.