June 5th, 2006

happy snail

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Okay, so, news. Which I've been totally sitting on since last week, because it wasn't official or anything but oh my god now it *is*.

I got a promotion.

It's out of the admin assistant business, into the hotline unit, where I will answer calls from depressed people whose cases don't work. Same manager. It's the tiny, tiny little cubicles I bewailed before except NOW ONE OF THEM IS MINE! And there is a raise, which is a good happy thing. There is a brand new job and new responsibilities and you know, *hopefully not as bored*.

Also, I get to do the user's guide to one of our new systems, and seriously, how happy can one person *be*?

I am going to go glow somewhere now. You know. Glowily. Like a giant Ancient squid, in a way.