June 2nd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

meta rec

fatuorum has Degrees of John Sheppard, or what fics work for you in John characterization? Which is fascinating and also brought epiphany for me personally--that one, I like the gen John writers best in terms of characterization, and in slash, I have a strong preference for a John through another character's perception.

I like epiphanies. I mean, if I were less lazy? I'd totally be explaining here in scary detail exactly why MVP works for me perfectly as a perception of a screwed-up John while, say, most screwed-up John stories, no matter how much I like them, don't connect like that.

But I am lazy. And you should go comment now. I mean, to her. Not to me. I am just sitting here with desert porn tryingn to figure out if just writing an unsubstantiated sex scene is really a bad thing.