May 31st, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

mostly a rec, some bits of other things

My supercool electric stamper came yesterday. To say that was the highlight of my working day is not an exaggeration. I got to play with its keys and open it and set it and then go get people to come over and look at it. I am just that kind of a person.

Yes, I went and found people to look at my stamper.

The stamper's name is Frederick. I taped a large post-it note to the top with just that written on it. In marker.

Now, the reason for this entry.

Vegas by ltlj, sequel to Retrograde, Recovery, and Movie Night, found here. To say these are my favorite stories in SGA is officially an understatement. This is my favorite stories in pretty much every fandom I have ever read in. The perfect balance of action, adventure, pitch-perfect characterization, wonderfully AU while still being as canon as the show--if that makes any sense at all. I--really have no words for how *much* I love this series. And it just keeps getting *better*, more complex, more interesting, expanding the universe wonderfully. I am happy. Okay, I am ecstatic. I'm even taking the time to code in italics to show my deep, abiding love.

And a second rec, gen, strong characterization, excellent plot, though some of the phrasing kind of threw me? Still worked wonderfully overall.

Cusp by Sealie. I picked up the rec on my flist, and SGA being one of the first fandoms I've ever *wanted* to read gen in, I ran ran ran to read. Really interesting plot, use of the control chair, always a plus, and a strong Carson presence that I'm not used to seeing.

Ah yes. Good stuff.