May 30th, 2006


life amongst the wild and mammalian


The first stage of the Fortress of Rabbitude is complete. A bit over five feet tall, three separate levels, the middle level two levels high for the creation of a complex network of lounges and a small swimming pool/sauna. Right now, the levels are isolated, with one rabbit on the ground floor, one on the top floor, and Sloppy and Bryante in the middle, since Sloppy is too totally in love with Bryante to fight him, and Bryante's good at hiding in the castle from Sloppy's unpleasant advances. This is like the antislash, really, living with rabbits.

You thought I was serious, didn't you? No pool or sauna, but definitely sitting ledges. I'm still working out how to do it, but so far so good. It's very stable, which is a plus. Final plans include adding removable plywood floors to level two and three, and a permament floor for level one, and putting the entire thing on wheels for easy moving. Pictures of the beta structure will be forthcoming, since I finally found Adobe and can add it to my laptop.

Oh Adobe, how I have missed you.

I'm thinking the first floor will be all pipes for a rabbit maze/warren for them to play in, but that may come later, after the little bastards are neutered and stop trying to injure me or mate with my feet. I'm still thinking about a way to make a water resevoir for them, though even I can't think of a reason to hook directly into the pipes in the house without being asked if I need to think of finding a permanent therapist.


I had a traumatic experience last night.

Around threeish, I woke up, feeling like I'd forgotten to put up the hamburger. Yeah. It was three. I was thinking of food. This is not a surprise. Stumbling to the door, I stepped on something that felt squishy with a lot of give. Huh, I said, and turned on the light, looking down to see what appeared to be twitching grey rubber.

Twitching grey rubber, I thought, wiping my eyes. Huh.

Not so much twitching grey rubber as twitching grey and brown gerbil--to wit, my niece's escaped gerbil.

He (she?) died fast, that is something. I--well, he died of compression injuries from, you know, one hundred sixty-something pounds behind a size eight and a half foot bearing down on him, so yeah, fast was pretty much how it had to happen. He twitched. I watched, because if one commits gerbilicide, one should be there to witness. Then I freaked out and ran to my rabbits and let them nip my fingers and stroked their heads so I could feel at one with mammals again.

I feel like I betrayed my phylum or something.

Anyway. Yeah. Karmatic darkness in the future.

I have just realized I really do have the most boring life in history. Next up, counting the number of times I sneeze a day. Maybe *document* it. I could become one of those people. I so could.