May 26th, 2006


an exercise in pointlessness

They gave us new markers that do not work, but are appallingly smelly. So I have spent most of the morning wandering around with one uncapped, sniffing. Mostly because, I'll be honest, I never saw the appeal of sniffing items to gain a high, but right now? I don't think markers could kill more brain cells than boredom does.

There's a vague chance someone might stop me to ask what on earth I'm doing, but then again, this office is used to me. I could conceivably walk around in my bra at this point and there would be understanding nods. And you know, lectures about dress code, but no one would be surprised.

In other news, hit on tech support at Accenture via telephone. Basically, I think being on the good side of the person that controls all permissions is a good thing. Also, he fixed one of my logins. I like him. Doubtless, he is still dazedly wondering why anyone would sound that excited about computer access. Oh poor guy. How little you know.

In equally entrancing home news, my sister--shaved her head.

See, we're not sure what to make of that. It's not statement, as far as I can tell, or a rebellion. She just, you know, got a razor and went to work. My youngest sister, btw, not the one I want to pimp out for coffee-makers. She's twenty-three and--well. Has a shaved head. She also bought two wigs to wear, and--

It's like sometimes, I stop being able to react with surprise to anything.

On the other hand, one, she does look kind of interesting.

You know, I always promise myself I will not make pointless, boring entries. I so lie. I always do.

Note to amireal and adannu--will you be online tonight? I need a very stupid premise to break myself out of this weird semi-fannish writing lock. I have these horrible urges for Rodney, after John hits on him while drunk, to have a fit of heterosexual panic and accidentally acquire a harem when he saves a city that thinks science is evil. Possibly, he will lock John in a transporter for a day for laughing too hard when they start demonstrating in the messhall. I have no idea what happens next, but I'm pretty sure it involves Rodney spending an inordinate amount of time in the lab wondering why his luck runs to twelve stunning gorgeous virgin blondes who think he is the Antichrist of the Pegasus Galaxy.

See, these are the things that amuse me while I slowly go insane from *nothing to do*.

Oh look, more markers! *marvels* Ohhh, that's the stuff.


Further note to amireal and adannu -- okay, my computer is acting *very weird* so um, might not be on. Sorry! IE keeps trying to shut down rhymelessly and dear God is it running slow. Again. I have a horrible suspicion part of my Saturday will be spent uninnstalling and reinstalling if I can't fix this tonight.

*cuddles laptop* Don't do this to me, Little Colonel. You are *better* than this.