May 17th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

mmmalien worm porn

So, svmadelyn abandoned me to my own devices while she and rageprufrock cavort through Europe. I'm trying to get a list of things I've wanted to do but never dared to when she was around to see it. I know it's longer than this:

1.) Write emo gothic poetry.

And even that I'd do in front of her, mostly because it would be kind of fun to watch her twitch. Other possible options including cutting my own hair again, before she can talk me away from the scissors, and buying another three rabbits, while she can't call my mother.

I assume she won't call from Europe.

Hmm. Let's scratch that out.

So, left unsupervised on the net. Hmm. What is a fangirl to do?

We'll start with Alien Worm Porn, or How Superman and Batman Watch and Cry For Alien Worm Love. I would never joke about such a beautiful moment. A beautiful, deep, bonding moment. Did I mention that there are phallic shaped symbols falling from space? And touching? Yeah. It's like that.

So. What *should* I do anyway? And yes, working on wip fic is already on the list. I am so there.