May 3rd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


This week is Public Service Recognition Week, in which we, and by we, I mean, we public servants, are rewarded with hot dogs. Well, hotdogs, cookies, chips, soda, and assorted things. Let me say, I am *all about* being rewarded regularly with large amounts of food. If this happened weekly, I can almost guarantee morale would go up.

Next part of ltlj's Deflection is up here -- for those of you who live beneath huge rocks in a galaxy even more distant than Pegasus, it's--well, I have no idea. She's asked no one spoil or spec in her lj. I am asking the opposite. Please, in comments, give me your theories. I have like, two or three and many many pointless asides, but all have huge holes that one could easily fly a good size Wraith cruiser through and therefore, we should all gather together to speculate.

You realize that the next part, if the pattern continues, does not go up until Friday? Okay, I'm tense enough about House--this is too much stress.

General fangirl rambling

I had a fit of vague paranoia last time I updated my recs, partially from that thing where everyone discussed recs again, and no, I don't mean, oh those monsters, they hurt my tender budding rec feelings--more like, hmm, I wonder if I do those things? There were several things listed, and I agreed with most.

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Okay, now will you tell me what you think is going on in that story? Seriously. House stress. I shoulnd't be this tense over two different wips in two different mediums.