April 25th, 2006

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this kind of day

I'd like to say that my life has somehow become violently interesting, but no.

We'll split this into three separate but equal categories of sheer boredom.


Not litter trained. Basically, against the advice of every book and webpage a I have bought or hunted, mine are the messy, messy exception to the basic rule of rabbits. All four of the little bastards. Reggie recently discovered a new mutation in rabbit abilities--teleportation. In which you put him in a pen that's about three or four times higher than his body length, and he still gets out. I--really have no idea how he's doing this. Gravity is kind of working against him on this one. All the laws of nature and man are working against him on this one. But no, six fifty-five this morning, he's out, running the living room.


Last Tuesday, called into another Manager's Meeting to seriously discuss the entire cake and card thing that apparently outranks world hunger as an important part of our jobs. I wish I could explain how surreal it is to sit in front of four managers, one soon-to-be manager, and an associate commissioner and try not to ask, "Are you all crazy? Why do you care? Why in the name of God am I revising this again? Why did I need to revise it in the first place?" The really worst part is, none of these people have a sense of humor except my manager, and even his is fairly low-key, so I'm beginning to suspect that the position requires you to be as deadpan and boring as possible and he's just barely escaping being sucked in. Apparently, the entire time I'm seriously, seriously arguing birthday policy, he's staring at the wall so as not to break up my very serious, serious speech by giggling himself sick. Afterward, he snickered his way through our unit meeting explaining how I made an argument for an office scavenger hunt sound like a speech on behalf of world peace.

I mean. On one hand? I kick ass. On the other. Oh dear God, what am I becoming?

For those interested, the policy in question is under the cut. This is, theoretically, the final draft of the policy covering 2006 and implementation is retroactive to February--and no, I have no idea what the hell that means, it's a *birthday policy* but you know what? Maybe they'e building me a time machine.

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Other occassions subsection was revised *six times*. And I still have hand-written notes that I'm pretending I never got, because seriously, my nerves aren't up to this.


Okay. So. If I just said, I want to do a challenge! But don't tell you what it is until after you sign up--would anyone do that? Okay, right, probably not. But see, it's on my New Year's Resolution list and I really, really want to get some of that stuff out of the way before I end up scaring myself on New Year's Eve trying to do it all.

In further news...ohh, new comptuers at work! Oh wow.
children of dune - leto 1

insta!rec - how to reduce negativity

How To Reduce Negativity by lemonbella - oh. Oh my God. It's...

it's just...

"We don't even get cake?"

Elizabeth thought she'd seen the height of Rodney's anger until that moment. "I'm not sure this is about you getting more cake, Rodney."


In retrospect, contracting a business management consultant to review the personnel interaction on Atlantis wasn't the best idea Elizabeth Weir had ever had.


"I think it's important that we touch base with each other in order to synergise our team dynamics," John drawled

Keywords are:

Incentivise, synergise, faciliate, positive reinforcement, incentivise positive reaction.

I cannot do justice to this. I don't think anyone can. And now I owe serious porn. *starts thinking*