March 26th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

Remix Redux IV is up and running

Loathe though I am to lose *any attention*--oh my God the remixes are up.

The Archive is open. 325 stories in 55 (or so) fandoms from Alias to X-Men, and many more in between. This year we have both poetry, play and graphic entries, as well - musesfool

Y'all. It's like Christmas.

Go here. Read. Enjoy.

Thanks to musesfool and everyone she mentions in her post for all their hard work in bringing this together!
children of dune - leto 1

on too much thinking

It feels really tacky to meta on your own fic when you're still in-progress and oh my God the *remixes rock*, but let me just state for the record, I have never, ever, in my entire fanfic career, enjoyed writing anything as much as I'm enjoying Crimes Against Humanity.

Also, for the record, quick rec on another remix, of auburnnothenna's You Must Remember This, titled You Must Remember This (The Same Old Story Remix). The sheer desperation and the feeling of time running out--wow. Serious wow. It is definitely a worthy remix to an amazing story.

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I'm taking a short nap, my head is killing me. Final note: read the remixes! I'm about halfway through SGA and seriously, they rock. Smallville next. *bounces*