March 20th, 2006



Oh my God I finished my remix.


Sent to betas. OhmyGodIFINISHED.

(you know, it probably sucks. but right now, the blank exhaustion of accomplishment is pretty much killing any artistic wibbles)
children of dune - leto 1

and that's done

...and my remix is submitted and I am closing it and crying into my keyboard now. Right now.

To the author I totally massacred, because I have a week window before you know it was me:

Thank you for writing a story that gave me *nightmares* and stole my sleep and made me bang my head on my pillow, made me download more music these last two days than I do in *months*, that followed me to work and to my rabbits and back to bed, that made me needle my betas and friends every time I changed a single *word*. I had a blast.

And if I'd been given a choice of who I wanted to remix, if I'd been given a list and told I could choose anyone I wanted, I would have chosen you. Thank you for writing something so amazing.