March 14th, 2006

happy snail

awwwww and also, huh

So svmadelyn was like, is the package there yet?--for a week. Or perhaps two.

It worried me. Perhaps it was her mention of things definitely not being alive in it. And how many times she said this. So. Many. Times.

But after two weeks, it is here. It is--and yes, I'm being serious--she sent me Thumper. Thumper is a rare cactus rabbit, found only in the incredibly weird minds of Madelyn and Pru, with white and pink felt ears. He's fine, green and liberated from bubble paper, sitting on the kitchen counter. I gave him water. He did not reject me. Five seconds after we met and he's already way ahead of Reggie.

I have been sent cookies and brownies and DVDs and seasons of Smallville and oh my God, she stuffed Supernatual in this latest one--candy and music and stuffed bears and if I whine, more chocolate. I can honestly state I have never, ever received a cactus.

This is *so cool*. I'm putting Thumper on my desk at work.

*hugs to Madelyn and Pru* Thanks, chicas.
children of dune - leto 1


Sometimes, I want to bang on a story until it just--works. I mean, print it out, sit it on my bed, and *jump* until either it's a crumpled mess or I gain enlightment through ink absorption through the soles of my feet. And you know, I think it just might work.

After a scary few days of oh my God die everyone (people, I was going to re-read Smallville story Grail's Immortality. The one that guts you slowly with a spoon? Remember that one? The one I have yet, after *four years*, to be able to read again?) and that, people, *that* is when you know you either need to admit you have a problem and go rewatch the end of Titanic, or invest in weapons grade chocolate.

I'd like you all to meet Duncan Hines, who is my new tasty best friend. Sanity at a dollar forty five plus eggs, oil, and water.

Regaining my sense of humor, I'm re-reading Refraction. The problem I'm having is--I have *read this*. I know I have. I mean, I remember going into hugely excited convulsions--PLOT! ACTION! GOA'ULD! PLOT! I'm a plot whore. But I don't remember *any of it*, and seriously, I suck at so many things, but my memory for fanfic is like ninety-nine percent. I can remember things I read in *Voyager*. I can *quote* things I read in Voyager still. So....

*shakes head* It's all brand new. Please excuse me. I'm going to purr now.

ADDED: Okay, now that luvmax1 has weighed in with Koi's Mercy--what's the story you can't read again? It did horrible things to you (in a good fic way, not a never-will-think-of-corn-oil-the-same-way way), it broke your heart, it required epic chocolate, etc.