November 27th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

random rec

Random rec. I'm in that rec place. I'm actually in the place where I realize, if I put it here, the coding is cut in half when I add them to my rec page, which is of the good.

To Know You're Alive by callmeri - really fantastic Siege III fic that I just--well, I swear I read it when it was posted, but damned if I can prove it, so saying it now. Wow. Good John pov.

Also, I had very good pizza tonight. I mean, really good pizza, and nice people, and strangely feeling surreal atm. It's nice.
children of dune - leto 1

*happy glee*

Another one bites the dust.

On john and rodney:

2. john and rodney are, as promised, very much in love, although they do not necessarily appear to be in love in the way in which i was lead to believe they would be. from the way everyone talked about and depicted their dynamic, i was expecting a whole bad acting gets interpreted as soulful glances gets interpreted as unbelievable gayness kind of vibe ala, you know, smallville. but they have a whole i-hate-you-we-must-falll-in-love-later thing going on that's very enjoyable, because there's nothing particularly subtextual about their squabbling (my two favorite moments in the entire series thus far are the times in siege three and the hive when rodney has thought that john has gotten himself blown up and he makes the face) except that it seems like they could start buddy fucking ANY SECOND. as much as i love the, "you're my best friend, of course i'm gay for you," brand of story, i am surprised that there are not more "fighting leads to fucking while fighting leads to more fighting leads to snarly hate fucking leads to, eventually, love" stories, because that could be very enjoyable.

You know, this is *fun*.