October 31st, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

you know, even crack doesn't excuse this one

Two conversations, late night, three fangirls.

It's kind of my fault. I mean, mostly.

It started with this pic.

svmadelyn and lierdumoa were worse, though.

seperis: OH MY GOD
lierdumoa: you haven't seen that pic?
lierdumoa: yes, do not trust the way the scientists look on the show
lierdumoa: because they try to make them all look less attractive than they are
seperis: My God
seperis: My dear God
seperis: I can totally slash Sheppard and Zelenka
seperis: I can not just slash them.
seperis: I can make them OTP.
lierdumoa: heeeee
seperis: Oh my GOD
lierdumoa: dude, that's like how I felt when I found young DH
lierdumoa: I was like
lierdumoa: ...OH
seperis: I need to write Sheppard/Zelenka right now
seperis: Right now right now right now.
seperis: Something porny.
lierdumoa: heeeee
lierdumoa: any ideas?
seperis: Unfortunately, all of them end up with Rodney blowing up Zelenka's quarters by *accident*.
lierdumoa: ROFL
lierdumoa: I love you
seperis: You know it would.
seperis: Rodney wouldn't even know who to be pissed at first.
seperis: he'd wire both their quarters.
seperis: Sit there with two remotes thinking about it.

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