October 26th, 2005


on writing, the outline method

Well. I'd normally at this point say, I'm sorry for not answering comments--feedback and the fantastic glimpses into everyone's writing process. That never, ever stops being utterly intriguing to me. And I will, and I know this sounds loser-like, because I'm still LJing and stuff, but I'm in a transitional place where I'm venting out frustration with basically endless Lj entries. I've done four in my head that will never see the light of day, and this one is picking up from my last entry, methodology. Or basically, The Exception That Proves the Rule. Of everything I've written, four were painstakingly planned out, and I'm going to briefly go over what made them different for me. Short answer is plotline. Long answer is, I fell in love.

This will pretty much be the *least* interesting discussion ever, but if you've read Jus Ad Bellum (X-Men), In the Space of Seven Days, or Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, well, I'll cover those.

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