October 22nd, 2005


a desperate yet dignified plea

My first week at the new job:

Short version. This isn't going to be a job I'm passionate about, and I predict that I'll be very bored within the next six months if I don't get a lot more duties than I have now. And it's not front lines of helping people and all of that. But I don't walk away from it hating myself, hating the job, and hating getting up in the morning because I have to go to it, then feel guilty because of that. I mean, I hate getting up in the mornings, that's normal, but that much hate is just unhealthy. It's not going to be a huge challenge, but--but I can *write again*. I mean, the emotional exhaustion is finally beginnig to ease, the feeling of end-of-day *frustration* is gone, and I spent all of yesterday and Thursday absently doing my work while plotting out the end of this story, and that's just so--wow. I feel awake again, and I've been half-asleep for too long.

Oh! And first use of my new icon, courtesey of girlinthetrilby. Who is *so cool*. *loves her*

Speaking of this story. I need a beta. Please? With sugar on top?

For inducement--or to scare away, whichever--snippet. I don't promise that it makes sense. Only that it follows rageprufrock's weird, freaky prompt.

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