October 19th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1


For the record:

I will never write from a prompt by rageprufrock again. This never, ever turns out well. Once, a long time ago, there was cute highness in the castle in Smallville adn it became a pornographic epic with grocery shopping and neither of us recovered from that one.

So. I'm saying it *right here*. Never again.
children of dune - leto 1

question for the great traveling brains of friends

Okay, in news unrelated to Pru being the antichrist of fanfic.

In Feb/March I'm getting my tax return and Child's old enough for me to feel comfortable taking him on a trip where he'll enjoy himself. Assuming nothign nightmarish happens to the money, anyway. His thing is science and dinosaurs, so I want to take him to a place that has a really great dinosaur exhibit. If we're talking in the continental US, what would be good? He also likes reptiles, so I was thinking of the San Franscisco zoo, but that's not required, the dinosaurs are the cool thing and he really wants to see them. Any suggestions?