October 15th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

up, down, charm, strange, top and heh, bottom

I discovered this week that svmadelyn actually *hates* me, a total surprise, when I received a package in the mail. There were Season Two Farscape DVDs to borrow--no, that was good--coffee and chocolate--pretty much my favorite things ever--and at teh bottom, a book. The Elegant Universe. My *God*.

Transcribed, the note:

So I couldn't find my copy of this at all and just decided to try and buy a new one. Don't burn it. *grins* I will want it back eventually.

I think this pretty much obligates you to write a certain story?

Quite possibly. *ducks*

Happy reading? And remember, no burning.

I'm on page ten. Its been *this close* to the fireplace.

It faintly reads like a Tolkien prelude--and there was an Einstein, and there was a Newton, and never can the magics of relativity and the magics of quantum mechanics meet, but lo! There came a Child called Superstring Theory and united the warring nations under a benelovent dictatorship so we can understand the properties of matter inside black holes and the big bang and all rejoiced! Because that's been preying on my mind often these days.

I keep thinking how Relativity and Quantum Mechanics got together finally--a little bar outside the cosmos, drinking too much, then waking up and one got knocked up and Angst and Rage! Then there was Stringy, and yeah, you can see right here how much I slept through a lot of my hard sciences.

But, here is what we, and by we, I mean me and the fireplace, learned.

Taus, electrons, protons, neutrinos, quarks up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom. You can guess when I had to stop and start giggling for really juvenile reasons.

Page *ten*. I feel smarter already.