October 14th, 2005

moody cow

on leaving

Last day at work was--well, like any day. I was taken out to lunch by a few coworkers, and I got death by chocolate and hershey's hugsand cookies, and I sang Johnny Cash's Hurt to symbolize my pain at parting. I was asked to get something perkier on before soemthing unfortunate happened to my vocal cords. I dumped my stuff off my computer and threw away several trees worht of paper that had made up my life. This was more than my job--it's what I loved, and just because I hated the bureaucracy doesn't mean I didn't love what I was able to do for people.

IT was weird. I'd go into my feelings at boring length, but I suppose most of it is that I didn't expect it to hurt like this, and that about suffices. Right now, I'm connecting with Celine Dion in ways that no one should connect with her, like, ever. It's creepy. And I just don't think I'll be able to express myself via spontaneous karaoke.
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