October 12th, 2005

poor me

woe! kind of

Dental appointment was less successful than hoped. The Thing They Want To Do To My Mouth is going to, apparently, take a Very Long Time, so after x-rays today, they made me a new appointment.

Let me clarify this.

They made me a new appointment for November 8! The day before Slumberparty! MY MOUTH WILL BE UNDER SIEGE THE DAY BEFORE I GET ON A PLANE TO THE GREATER PACIFIC NORTHWEST!

Aparently, there will be things removed, things added, things *done*.

I see this going one of two ways.

1.) My newfound nervousness about flying with be abated by teh assortment of anti-inflammatories and/or painkillers administered--in a word, I will be very, very stoned. Possibly for the entire length of slumberparty.

2.) I will be crying bitterly for six days and making many, many fangirls very, very miserable.

If I didn't need this so badly, I would *so* be holding off on this.

Back to waiting off the ending of the numbing stuff.