October 9th, 2005

stargate, rodney

insta!rec - Isolation by kharessa, sga, adult

Isolation by karamarie_mckay - Lost Boys fic. Wow. If there was ever, *ever* a story that straddled the nebulous line in my mind of what is non-con and what's rape, this one is *it*. It's *fantastic*, unsettling as hell, disturbing and dark and twisty and it's completely John and completely, utterly Rodney.

This time, however, Rodney hadn’t waited to break, and it seemed he’d taken John at his word. Hands that wore calluses in places where a scientist’s hands shouldn’t be callused ran over John’s torso, thumbs and forefingers pinching nipples a little too tightly for comfort, and John’s stomach knotted. Rodney couldn’t make him feel good – not from within the distorting haze of the enzyme that granted physical superiority while stripping away the mental safeguards that stopped sane people from simply taking what they wanted and acting on every urge. Rodney could drag it out, though; he could make it lasting and memorable.

That just--that last bit hurts me *every time*. Because John *knows* that lasting and memorable? Are not what he wants here.
children of dune - leto 1

sgafic: arizona, 1/2

Title: Arizona
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Maybe it's just the movies that have given him an unrealistic expectation of assassins, but unless this guy's the most incompetent assassin *ever*--and considering who Rodney McKay is, they wouldn't hire someone *dumb* would they?--really, Rodney should be dead.
Author Notes: No excuse whatsoever. Shame is so very last decade. Love to celli and cjandre and chopchica for prereading and encouragement. Now I go to breathe in a paper bag, cause huh. This wasn't on my wip list because before eleven last night? It didn't *exist*. Because Celli sells very, very bad crack.

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