October 4th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

*rubs forehead*

Had to turn down an interview due to tragically distant location. It was an interesting job, dammit.

On the other hand, party at work. Was big fun.

My WiP list dramatically expanded through the snippet thing--you know what I mean. Where you think, oh, what a neat idea! And you write it down and then it's *just long enough* that you can't just toss it to the snippet bin of doom. I love my snippet bin of doom.

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children of dune - leto 1

whoo and kinda wow

Got the call. Got a new job. Start Monday the seventeenth.

Oh *wow*. This is *so cool*.

Also, my supervisor *stood outside my office door* specifically to hear me *squeal* like a small greased pig and gathered others to do the same.
stargate, rodney

the squee place

Okay, it's silly and it's artificial, and yes, it's *incredibly* dorky, but I really think the world is so much prettier *right now*. I mean, the colors are better, the grass is greener, the sun--okay, it rained, but I *like* rain, so really, it's all good. And less than *two weeks* and I will be learning new things in a new place and really, this day has been *so good*.

So I feel--reckless. And possibly very, very stupid.

Poll #583336 Which one?

Which SGA fic should I work on/do you want to actually see become something?

The Other One That Makes No Sense
The One I Need to Read Up on Temporal Mechanics For
The One With the Spaceships
The One With John's Memory Problems
The One I Did For chopchica for Instructional

The WiP list, with strange snippets, is here. I am *so* in the mood to write. Just--crazily.
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