September 15th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

dear god

Well. I had an interview today.

I'd like to categorically state that I can make anything a disaster: a simple interview crashed by getting a claustrophobic fit when stepping into the elevator.

So, she *walked me up to the fourth floor*.

I almsot asked if she just wanted to end the interview now, as when you start off with making your interviewer walk up *four flights of stairs*, well, this can't go well. So let's just scratch that one off. Though weirdly, at the end of the interview, she gave me her phone number in case I had any more questions about hte job.

Okay, is there *surgery* for this? That entire getting-used-to-it thing I tried once and ended up throwing up outside an elevator that made the mistake of moving too slowly and I overdrived into panic in three and a half floors. The only two times in the last four years I've used an elevator:

New York: People quoted *porn* at me while going up and I kept my eyes closed.

Minnesota: glass.

*falls down on chair*

I give *up*.