September 6th, 2005

brothers grimm

of the arghs

So. We're all stuck at work until eight due to evacuee services, which would be completely cool if there were actual *evacuees* in the building, one, and two, if we were the ones interviewing them. But we're not, cause the cool upper level people were bought laptops to play with and use a really cool new program that's about ten times faster than our programs that we use, and do I sound bitter?

I COULD BE DRINKING COFFEE IN BED RIGHT NOW! I've been in this godforsaken building *ten hours and nine minutes* and I swear, I'm starting to feel a kinship to the paint. It calls me Jenny and wants to date. The scary part is, this is the most action I've gotten in years. At least it's *interested*.

This ends my public oriented service announcment. NOW I sound like a proper civil service employee.

So, fannish something--hey! Someone write me Grimm fic. If I--no, don't laugh--I challenge for it, would anyone write it? Cause I am *so* in the place where Will and Jake are very pretty and make me happy. Bonus points for toad abuse and apocalypses.
children of dune - leto 1

because life should always be so good

Limits by cjandre - if only stick fighting was like this. Rodney's testing his limits. And wow, does he ever.

Parry and Thrust by chopchica - this is why the world is a wonderful, wonderful place. MORE STICKS! And all is well. And by well, we mean *porny*.

One day, I'm going to rec something and not just gibble happily. THat day is not today.

The Convenient Husband, part 1 and part 2 by mz_bstone - very AU, part of the Harlequin challenge, in which John needs to get married *now* and Rodney's--well. Come on. You can totally see where this is going. And it goes *well*.

You know what would make this moment perfect? Chocolate.