September 5th, 2005

brothers grimm

fic: lucky he doesn't - brothers grimm

Title: Lucky He Doesn't
Author: jenn (
Fandom: Brothers Grimm
Rating: R
Summary: Will's world has beds and sausage and baths and women who fall into the bed of the Professors Grimm with gratifying speed.
Author Notes: Well. For devildoll, musesfool, chicklet_girl, and the marvelous girlinthetrilby, though I'm not sure they'll want to claim it. cjandre, girlinthetrilby, and chopchica preread and said, sure, why not? cjandre for the title, since frankly, I'm title-disabled.

There's a real comfort writing in a fandom I don't think *anyone* else reads in.

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sga recs, quickly

To keep up with all the new fic.

Pushing by cjandre - post-Trinity fic, whereas Rodney learns not to push and it pays off so very, very well. By 'well', I mean 'sexy', so you see where this is going, right?

Instantaneous by cimorene - wonderful, wonderful *long* fic, with John finding new cool technology and it's just *good*. Fantastically realized Rodney and John, hot, and beautifully written. It makes me happy. Very, very happy.

A Blue True Dream of Sky by isilya - very AU, John/Rodney in the Austrailian outback. This is an *amazing* read, I can *see* it perfectly. Don't let the AU throw you off--this is marvelous.

*pretty* *happy*