August 11th, 2005


insta!rec - Zelenka's Still by Auburnnothenna

Zelenka's Still by auburnnothenna

I'm going to go with a quote, because no rec can do it justice.

It was Elizabeth. She was standing on one of the tables. Crooning. Sheppard was pretty sure he couldn't have been more frightened if it had been a Wraith-queen doing a striptease. Maybe. Hell, it was a toss up.

Elizabeth did a snaky move and sang a sultry, "Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try ..." She waved at them and smiled.

There's fruit, porn, mushrooms, and I have no idea how you even *describe* this, okay? None. But you have to read it *now*. It's. An experience.

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