July 24th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

moving along


No, not ipods. PODS. Giant white leggos that you use for moving. So far--and this is with the thing one third packed--the biggest innovation in moving since the dolly. They bring it out, drop it on your lawn/driveway/etc, and you just--move stuff into it. Then a giant truck comes to pick up your leggo and carry it off to destination.

It. Is. So. Cool. And not just because it lets you move everything at ground level. Also, it's just cool. Seriously. Giant leggo in your driveway. That never stops being funny. No, really. We've had it three days and I've giggled every time I see it.

Anyway, a vague kind of heads-up--barring some incident involving religious epiphany, death, or something very screwy with the signing of the papers (which, believe it or not, has already happened *once*, hence this message didn't go out in early April, mid-June, or early July), there is some slight chance in an interruption of service whilst we move from Location A to Location B, the second of which will probably put Child in School That Does Not Smell Like Socks. Pretty much, my computer isn't being packed until teh car is actually in drive and moving, and I'm trying to overlap utilities and telephone service so tehre won't be *a single second* that my addiction can't be fed--but still, something horrifying could happen. I could fall over in heat exhaustion from carrying things.


I bought a really unnecessary number of those Wal-Mart box things, the plastic ones, under the impression that there really isn't a time you're going to say "My God, I have far too many of these convenient, stackable boxes to pack up things with." Well, not surprisingly, three of them went to my clothes immediately, and one to my notebooks. Another holds a really disturbing amount of computer equipment--I really never give away my computer pieces, I just keep them on the off-chance they'll come in useful for something, old CDs, old tapes, a ton of stuff Dax downloaded for me on disc, a really creepy number of completely unidentifiable cables and power sources, and what could be a disassembled printer circa 1999. Keep in mind it took me *four years* to get rid of a flatbed scanner that didn't work, because I kept thinking eventually I'd give it to Child to disassemble, since he has such fun with screwdrivers and destruction. So printer pieces? Not a surprise. One DVD player, also way too old to be useful yet unable to give up. One CD/RW that I replaced with the DVD/RW. One CD-ROM that really has no reason to exist, because even I can't figure out what on earth it could be good for. Another box or two holds a ton of disassembled toys. Another one is already in there and holds--oh, yeah, *more clothes*. There's another one around here, but I'm not sure what I have in it. Child's bed has been disassembled and its horror PODded up in all it's five billion parts. We keep staring at my bed for a lot of reasons, not least of which is that it was professionally assembled and we have yet to figure out how it's supposed to come apart.

You know, even writing this is mindnumbingly boring. Moving is boring. Also, stressful, becuase no, papers aren't signed and that stresses me muchly.

The Notebooks

My Notebooks are the thing that go where I go, pretty much. If someone said, deserted island, but with internet connection, my computer, Child, adn that box would go with me. I haven't used them for their purpose in about seven years, around the transitional period betwen long hand writing to typing, or when it finally sank in that typing is a *lot* faster than anything I coudl do wiht a blue pen.

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The break is over. Also, the temperature has reached fried egg.

*sighs* I am so not doing my bed today.

I hate that POD.
version one, frog love


Hmm. Things I won't miss about rural life.

1.) Dead 'possums in the yard. Partially eaten. Still recognizable.
2.) Dead snakes in the yard. That look alive.
3.) Living snakes on the porch.
4.) Living snakes on the roof.
5.) Living snakes in the living room.
6-100.) Let's assume each of these relate to snakes.

Things I will miss, a lot.

1.) Going outside, screaming very loudly, and no one caring.
2.) Coyotes.
3.) Unexplained lights in the sky around 2 AM.
4.) Watching rain come from very far away and smashing everything in its path.
5.) Random outdoor nakedness. Not that I do that. I just always liked having the option.

*ponder this*

I'm really, really going to miss the coyotes.