July 18th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

she is so wise

issaro - I love her so much.

Well, says I, a drama whore is often mislabeled as Evil. This is because she/he likes to torture fictional characters, kill them off, break up their happy homes, and otherwise disrupt the perfect world of How It Should Be. And I admit I enjoy this. But the subtle distinction here is that if I were truely Evil, the crushing of the character would be enough for me. The wanton distruction would make my little Evil heart happy.

But a drama whore likes to create wanton destruction and then watch the characters rise above it.

See the difference?

Evil = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and die of a broken Sim Heart.

Drama Whore = Kill off Sim!Clark to watch Sim!Lex cry, break down, and almost die of a broken heart before CLONESim!Clark arrived to hug and kiss on mend his broken Sim Heart.

See? For a Drama Whore it's all about the happy ending. Kill, maim, torture, break up, do your worst. As long as there is a happy ending.

See? It's a *fine line*. As long as there is a happy ending? It's all good.

Back to maiming a character. But only a little. A minor aneurysm. A tiny bit of brain damage. Some vivisection. It's all *for the greater good*. You can see this, right?

What are your favorites in this category? I'm curious if I've missed any Big Fun.


hbp, spoilers, mostly inner-thought things

This is pretty much for me. I got *really* frustrated with myself when I went looking to see if I'd posted anything on Order of the Phoenix and how I felt about it and realized I *hadn't*, or at least, not that I can find, and I want to get this down before I have two years to read everyone's else's opinions and flip flop about. So, HBP, mostly notes to myself. Scattered. This probably wn't make much sense if you aren't in my brain.

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