June 22nd, 2005

version one, frog love

pretty pretty stargate

I'd like to personally thank the entire SGA fandom for all that sleep I'm no longer getting. Like at all. My coworkers would extend their appreciation, since they deal with my mood in the morning when I show up to work and promise to wreck dire vengeance to the first person to make so much as a gesture in my general direction, but explaining to them the reason would be one of those moments I never, ever want to live through. Thanks a *lot*.

I have discovered there are Certain Benefits for reading the fanfic before getting to the source text. One, I can be completely and utterly influenced to just adore a pairing I have yet to see onscreen. I'm sure that makes me beyond words shallow, but I don't even *care*. Oh man. I love wandering through a new fandom. Yes.

Actually, it's kind of fun. All the joy of exposure without any knowledge of canon influencing my thinking. Reminds me of the good old days of X-Men Movieverse, where I'd written several stories before the movie was sent to me by my beta when she realized that things could go south fast if I tried any complex plotlines. Which in retrospect is really damn funny, but more importantly, I got away with it.

This is happy. Also, knowing I'll have the eps as fast as the mail can travel? Good happy.

But. Thought. If someone had *told me* there was the equivalent of intergalactic vampires? I would have *so been there*.

Also, Sheppard is *pretty*. Wow.

Adn whoo! BSG season two in less than a month! Does life *get* any better than this? No, it does not.