April 17th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

colossal squid

I am now googling Colossal Squid.

I think I have a new irrational terror coming up.

I also think I have reached new depths of procrastination. You wouldn't think getting two characters to *have sex already* would be so damn *hard*.

Facts you might not be aware of with the colossal squid. They have suckers, *swiveling hooks*, and sucker rings. The term "razor-sharp" has been applied to these rings. Despite staring at comparative pictures, I am still not sure of the difference between a sucker and a *razor-sharp* sucker ring, but suffice to say, I'm quite terrified. They are bigger than sperm whales.

Does anyone but me snicker at that? Sperm whales. Hee. I am five.

Sadly, all information I can find is from 2003. I *know* on the radio something happened in the last year or so with the species, but I have no idea what. Still searching.