April 10th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

absolutely no relevance

Mention it, and ye shall do it.

That damn *trampoline*.

After talking about it yesterday, adn having what amounted to being a really strange morning, I was websurfing and just happened to hit the Academy website, in that way you do you when you type the addy directly into the addy bar. And lo! Sale! On fourteen foot trampolines! And the protective thing that goes around them!

Like I'm proof against *that*.

It was assembled by me, my mother, and my youngest sister. One of the things we have all learned is that men are useless as the Source of All Assembly. I have a bed, an entertainment center, and now a trampoline to prove it. So we did so, in the blazing sun. I sweated for the first time since the beach last summer. And I--I mean, Child--has a trampoline.

We went over the rules with him exhaustively, once he came down from teh contact high of having one, since none of his friends do, and I marked up another mental mark on my I Am the Coolest Parent Ever. I, of course, tested it exhaustively before allowing his precious toes on the canvas, because I wouldn't want to risk his little feet. Afterward, I was ordered down by my mother and sister to let Child play on it.

Yes. Impulse buying is a bad thing. And I will be short lunch at the end of the month. But whee! TRAMPOLINE! *BOUNCE* And I mean that literally, people.

Other Things

tamalinn is doing a challenge, The Fifty-Five Word Challenge. Ooh. Big fun.

I remain completely and mostly unspoiled for Qaf Season Five, despite all the temptations of not one but two separate spoiler flamewars, which makes me sad, cause whee! Flamewars! And with people I know! It was *hard* not to click. But otoh--if the season goes bad, I so don't want to know.