March 28th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

exploring the outer reaches of something or other

See, I knew there was a really good reason I never read the sequels to The Tale of the Shining Prince. I knew it would hurt and require multiple readings. You know, just to dig it in a little deeper. So. Yeah. I so needed that.

I have an--itch.

Like, okay. You want something to read. You don't know what it is. You are at the point where you are thinking dirty Clark thoughts that don't involve sex and prettiness and you think, maybe you should take a step back from that there story--or that one--or that one--or oh God, you realize, you have four FOUR WiPs all in the same fandom and you panic.

Um, let's get beyond that bit, though. There's this itch. Last time that happened, you broke your heart with Julad's Nightblooming Heartsease, and yeah, that was good for the realization you *don't* have a pairing of choice in HP, you have what amounts to being an orgy of choice, in which you will *cry your eyes out* over it and promise yourself that next time you feel the need to read HP, you will choose the happy stories.

So how did this translate to Illuferret? I know better. I was warned. Like, multiple times. And yet, there I went and there I read and read and then read some more and now I just want to curl up in a tiny, tiny ball of whimpering messiness.

Well. Yeah.

But anyway. I'm all--itchy. I'm not even sure what I'm looking for in a story, I just can't quite find it. Maybe I am jaded. Maybe I really am after Harry the Dark Lord crushing the world beneath his heel or something and don't even know it. Mmm. Destruction. Maybe I want curtain fic. Or cookies. Hell, I have cookies, so you'd think I'd be satisfied.

Well. Off to burn through another archive now that Illuferret has *scarred me for life*.

You know, if any of you have some favorite HP recs just, you know, sitting around at the tip of your fingers that you want to rec to me, just feel *free*. Or a good rec page. Cause seriously, I run across another deathfic, something might break, and it might be my sanity.

Whimpering. *Mess*. So not pretty.