March 17th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

yeah. what the hell?

Okay, did at some point I fall asleep and fall into an alternate dimension where we are all A-Okay with breaking privacy in the name of nothing more important than curiosity?

Seriously here. I need to know this, because either I'm insane or there are people out there who think it is *just fine* to *go into someone else's email program*, *read the email*, then *post excerpts in public*.

I'm actually boggled that this is, apparently, a point of *pride*.

You know. I'm not okay with the posting of locked LJ posts. I'm not. But I see why that happens. I'm really not okay with posting of private emails *you* have recieved from other people, but damn, it happens, and in the case of a flame? I find it pretty much justified, so hey, I have grey spots. But seriously, this is the first time that someone has stated, pretty much, that another person left her email program open on a computer, so that was total justificiation for this person to *read her email*, email sent to another person, then *post it*. This isn't even like getting an email that was sent to you by accident. This is deliberate. And fuck the entire the age of the internet means no privacy I keep hearing. That's bullshit. You either know that's a wrong act, period, or seriously, there is something very wrong where we, not just as fandom but as *people*, are okay with this.