March 14th, 2005

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public service announcement

Hmm. This will only really affect people in Texas, but for other states, it's something to look up. Believe it or not, Fandom_Wank set me off to look at eligibilty programs for cancer victims. I *know* they are there--but kind of a shock to me, I know where to look and I still can't find everything.

First, an explanation, in case you are just totally new around these parts. By profession, I'm an eligibility specialist--I determine eligibility for Food Stamps, as administered by the Department of Agriculture, TANF, (temporary aid for needy families, a monthly or year cash grant), and certain types of Medicaid. There is one food stamp program. There is three different TANF programs. There are *a lot* of Medicaid programs.

I'll get to that later. Bookmark this if someone you know is affected by breast or cervical cancer.

Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer.

The base eligibility requirements are right there. This does not mean you qualify instantly--these are guidelines, but a lot more goes into eligibility. I always, and I mean, *always*, say go in and apply. We're not going to laugh you out of the office if you don't. But seriously, a *lot* more people qualify than they think they do.

Again, this isn't my speciality--I certainly won't be determining your case eligibility. But I'm passing familiar with how it's done. So. There you go.

Now, more specifically. If you think you may qualify for assistance, if you think you may need it in the future, if you think that you know someone who might, this entry is for you. I'll try to explain, as best I can, exactly what it is and what we do, so you know where to go and what to ask.

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As with everything else, this information comes wiht a price. Please, do not print this out and wave it at eligibility specialists. Anyone who has met me will pretty much instantly recognize who this is, or start tracking down with a really high chance of success, since we are not a huge office and really, I have done enough in this LJ to seriously narrow down the possibilities. And I can and will cry about it on LJ for so many long, depressing posts that it will be unbelievable and so dreadfully boring.

Yeah. That was cheering.

Now, for more general.

Your state has specific programs for different kinds of medical care. Your absolute best bet is finding the *people* that determine it. Ask at the local office. Email at the websites. Put in +Medicaid and +your state name and hit google. That's pretty much what I do at the office when tracking down what people got as benefits recnetly in another state. I'm still searching through the DADS website for the otehr Medicaid programs, since health care is a biggie with most people, and if and when I find anything, I will link up.

Wow, wnas't this a post of big fun? *sighs* I wnat my friendslist icons back now.