March 6th, 2005

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updates and recs

Mm. So, finally updated my webpage.

Thirty-something recs for Smallville slash here, along with het and gen that I did earlier this month or late last month, but unlabeled, as I forgot. *sighs* I need to remember to label the new. But they are there! Some I posted back in late Jan/early Feb, some I got since then.

Added linzeestyle's absolutely stunning collage for Pretty When You're Mine, which she posted here. God, that's pretty. I could look at it all *day*.

Updated Pretty When You're Mine up to current. It's split now, so this goes to the second page. Whole thing can be started here. Current wordcount is around 52,894. *blank* Yeah. See. I didn't know I could write that much porn. That is a gratifying amount there.

Also added My Usual Lie, Smallville, Clark and Lex. I can now say I have written three stories that don't end with anything *near* the Jenn-defintion of happy. Hmm.

Um, that's it. Update webpage, fun! svmadelyn madly pimping me toward SV fic that will be cheering? Fun. Cookies and coffee? Also fun.
children of dune - leto 1

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The Spam Reports

It saddens me to state that all my spam is now split into two distinct and highly uninteresting groups--the Wild Teens/Disgusting Sluts/Super Come series and the Stock Options series. The halycon days of yore, when my inbox was filled with such delights as Cherry Frat Boys Take It Up the Ass are apparently, done and gone. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are no longer offered on bootleg tape. No promises of drugs in at least three days, no exciting prospects of black market Valium or Vicadin. Only stock options and wild teens.

This is so depressing I could just cry.

My TV listings

I keep thinking I don't watch much TV. That is a dirty lie. I *record* a lot of TV and watch it in bulk, ffing through commercials, but that doens't acutally lower the amount I watch.

1.) House
2.) Smallville
3.) Fullmetal Alchemist
4.) Battlestar Galactica
5.) Teen Titans
8.) CSI
9.) Random Law and Orders

Okay, and thanks to fox1013 and svmadelyn, I am dreaming of Veronica Mars. I have never seen an ep. I haven't read a recap. But the entire cast showed up for a vague musical number the other night, and the entire dream, I was thinking, I love this show! Why haven't I watched it before?

Huose, though, is fascinating me, in the way that CSI can't quite. I enjoy CSI for Grissom and for basically the mystery, but it's a kind of bland, take it or leave it. I take because it's there, and it is intersting, but no emotional involvement.

House, though. Hmm.

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One week of work, then me and Child are Spring Breaking for nine glorious days. Much unhealthy food, lounging in pajamas, unlimited television, and Gamecube/Playstation 2 overload. It is going to be *so cool*.
children of dune - leto 1


Okay, so I have never worried about hotlinking until forty-something percent of my bandwidth did this thing. Please God, let girlinthetrilby not kill me when she sees this.

What you have to ask yourself--what on earth does a poster on The Traveling Howard Stern Message Board want with two Clex manips I did two years ago?

The answer will hopefully remain a mystery to me for all time. I mean, besides the prettiness that apparetly *could not be just plain linked to*.

So. How do I do that thing that blocks hotlinking? Cause wow. That was a *lot* of bandwidth.

Edited to Add

Okay, Illuminated Text has it, but it looks like an everyone-or-no-one deal. If you're hosted on IT, could you drop a yes or no? I'll find a way to do it without disabling the whole domain for general hotlinking if necessary. Just comment so I can get a survey.