February 22nd, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

bed bliss, house bliss, all is bliss

My bed was delivered yesterday and I slept in and was in a fair way to never leaving it again. except work. Stupid work.

Um. Yeah. basically, I've been offline becaue of bedshopping, bedbuying, and bed delivery, not ot mention the bed wallowing. It actually sounds a lot more disfunctional than it is. It's my *bed*. It's big and pretty and *mine* and I love it so much.

I also got Child a new bed, in a craze of post-IRS-refund shopping. It's actually *really* disturbing, come to think of it. He has a spiderman ensemble going on. Ask me how cute an eight year old in a bunk bed surrounded by Spiderman is. Cause it is cute.

*happy* *bliss* *bed*


The slash actually has its own character and wanders in to giggle at Wilson and House. A lot. I spent the entire scene, and you *know* which one I'm talking about, actually saying, to my nonslashy sister

Jenn: Are they dating? Did I miss something last week? Are they breaking up? Oh God, I missed the get together and now I have to watch the break-up?

Her *shocky*: I--don't know.

Could my week get any better? Yes, it could. But so far, the millions have yet to rain from the sky like manna. Stupid millions. Even a measly thousands. In one dollar bills, even. I'm not picky.