February 16th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

mmm. discount valentine's day candy

I am contemplating that I have three friends/friendly acquaintances, three different fandoms, who have no interaction with each other that I know of, who managed to all be involved in three separate kerfuffles at about the same time. It is *breathtaking*. I am so entertained.

Seriously, y'all. That is a record. I mean, for me. Because while I love you all, and I do, let's face it--you people get along with each other and other people far, far too well and too often. I feel, sometimes, that my friendslist is the anti-drama list, where everyone is terrifyingly reasonable, even-tempered, and I hate to say this because I really like you all, but--you are just way too calm.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate you. But. Um. Let's think about setting up a--oh, I don't know, a group schedule for dramatic excitement. You know. Everyone chooses a day or a week and says, this week, I shall shed my so-called niceness and do something to start a kerfuffle. If we do it right, not a week will go by where something interesting *isn't* happening. I will award special jenn-points if there are filtered posts involved, because nothing says drama like filters. Even more if someone posts that filtered post in public. Extra shininess if there are naked pictures of Lex involved. I mean, Lex doesn't have to be involved in the drama. Just, you know, naked pictures. Always a plus.

I'm really congested. But lo! The rest of the sick-related stuff is dandy. And happymaking. One day, I'll be able to post about work without wanting to spork something critical, like my computer, which hates me and apparently is under the impression that I do'nt know how a computer is supposed to act.

I'm also contemplating writing. Yes, I know, I'm way behind in Pretty, and I apologize, because I was updating regularly and now I'm not. It's just RL annoying me into biting my nails, and also, escapism through sleep. I did not know I could sleep in twelve hour rotations, but apparently, I can when sufficiently inspired.

But yes. Drama schedule. Useful. There could be color codes! Ooh, I can ask svmadelyn for a Spreadsheet of Drama! I shall ask now.