February 10th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

in which i find out new things

Soo. I missed a lot while being sick. Also, was feeling bad at the office and now a headache that just. Won't. Quit.

Thing #1: The chick that never comes in, is always late, and frankly, sucks, got a new job as a Community Care Trainee. As a group, let's all pity the elderly that will be under her care.

Thing #2: Supervisors were called into Big Not-So-Secret Meeting. Within the next two weeks, something like a timeline will be established for the layoffs, and apparently, they start in March. It's kind of neat, in a weird alternate-universe way. I mean, at least we *know* we are doomed, and now can point at the calender to say "And this is when it will start." Which is mid-March. We don't know who will be kept and who will be bid fond farewell. It is, to say the least, fascinating.

See Thing #1--rats are fleeing the ship. But not this rat. Well, not yet. Child Protective and Adult Protective are both hiring, but one, they require degrees, and two, I cannot work with abuse. I just can't. However, there are openings in Child Support, at my pay level, and they have really good holidays. Also, my tenure will transfer, and my leave. And there are lots of openings in the elderly healthcare and nursing home positions.

Also, I have heard I could go back to school. Now there's an idea that I should eventually consider as more than a hazy future theory.

Austin American Stateman wandered by to take pictures and ask how people felt about the lay-offs. I'm trying to figure out what amazingly obvious things they will print, such as "they are worried" or "they are disappointed" or "they are partying hard".

What I can't figure out is--if they're going to do layoffs this fast--how the hell are they going to set this up in time? For a call center environment, nothing is ready, and I mean that literally, I know the people who are working on the project.

This should be *really, really* entertaining to watch.

Also, I'm out of coffee with caffeine. That is a tragedy. Decaf is not my friend.