January 31st, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

fannish request

Okay, fannish request, but not for me.

There is a vidder, who is *very good* and who needs Smallville source, non-tape. Does anyone have SV in some digital media format that's of a quality to use for vids, all seasons? I will write fic in thanks. No, really. By request, even. And within the year. I have a horrible reputation for letting things, you know, kind of slide, but I will.

Thinking of this now, I need to buy season two. That has my favorite eps ever, adn enough of them to justify the cost. Hmm. *marks down for future* Mmmm. Prodigal.

Anyway. Help for fellow fan!

Vids. *Pretty*. It's so for the good of fandom as a whole. Really!