January 30th, 2005

children of dune - leto 1

the top twelve characters i hate and why

I've been reading the wide variety of rants currently available for public consumption. It's like Christmas! But with less in the way of food.

What really got me thinking is the multi rants on misogyny in fandom. Which of course, got me thinking--mostly of a, okay, what? That kind of thing. I don't necessarily buy that hating female characters in slash is a sign of misogyny. At least, not as a constant answer. So I did the thing any logical person would do and listed my most hated characters, then sorted them out by reasons.

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children of dune - leto 1

a bunch of catching up

Hmm. I kind of forgot a few things. I mean, fanfictionally related.

The lovely and marvelous and perfect issaro, beta and muse and probably the only person who would say 'well, that's not angsty *enough*, really', who has been watching Landscape languish at over two-thirds done for over two months, decided I needed inspiration. And a birthday gift. Which is true. I do. I mean, inspiration. I don't mean gifts. But she's cool and did both.

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Also, one day, I'm goiung to convince her to post her snippet from Landscape that she wrote. It's *good* people. For the life of me, I can't figure out why she doens't write more. The picture totally goes with that Lex. Wow.


And leld sent me this gorgeous manip for Pretty When You're Mine.

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And two more!

beet was inspired by all the hookerfic going around and posted this for mine and oxoniensis's birthday, which really inspires me to want a birthday every *day*. Oh dear God. LOOK AT THAT!

Final bit--I have no idea if I ever actually posted this one, but digitalwave offered it to me a *looong* time ago and I know I feedbacked it, but I don't think I pimped it, a horrible dereliction on my part.

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And finally, and I know, I'm so behind it's ridiculous, svmadelyn wrote a kick-ass story for my birthday.

A Day in the Life. Oh *man*. The beds! The reason! The *smells*. A must-read.

And there. I think I've caught up on everything. Iwant to do a quick thanks to everyone who sent greetings on my birthday--it was a miraculous day, in which private email outnumbered the spam and believe me, that was *very cool*. Thank you.

*hugs everyone*

Me and art shall bond together now. I shall stare adn think. Ooh. Pretty.

*blissed out*