December 20th, 2004



Okay, I'm turning in my girl card.

I got the loveliest manicure set at work for Secret Santa. I have *no idea* how to use it.

There is cuticle remover gel. And cutile massage gel. And buffing lotion. There are a variety of weapons available, some of which I swear I saw on a History Channel ep involving the Spanish Inquisition. Did you know there is a separate polish for botton adn top coats?

Am I the only one who stared at this thing thinking, dear God. Dear, dear God.

Some of these things have *sharp edges*.

*Weapons*, people. Sharp little weapons that, apparetnly, are to be used in some fashion on your nails. What kind of a world do we live in where we torture our own nails?

Yeahh. I need a book. Does anyone have a book on this?

Things I Have Decided I Would Commit Minor Murder For

1.) A follow-up to rivkat's and mustangsally's Spiders. Mostly because I want to know what favor the demon doctor will call in, but more Buffy/Spike would not be amiss. At. All. That's probably far too much to ask. I will anyway. And I will look with great anime eyes at the authors in hope, because I also lack shame.

2.) I want not to suddenly feel urges toward Buffy/Giles. This is the fandom I never belonged to where I OTPed Buffy only, apprently, as I was happy with all her men, except Riley, who I desperately wanted to watch die in some macabre fashion involving demon porcupines and lip gloss. I'm a very bad person. But yeah. Buffy/lint would probably do it. She's like Lex to me. Goes with everything.

3.) Clex Christmas fic. Something involving out of control mutant reindeer and an evil Santa that steals Christmas presents. And strangely, this still sounds like a reasonable storyline to me.

Things That Annoy Me

1.) None of my stories will move. Not even blink when I meet their beady little eyes. It's the happiness. It's sickening. I need rains of blood and toads. Waterfalls of them.

Everything Else

Christmas at grandparents was *very big fun*. There was endless food involved, and I told the story of the subway rats and the musical number. It went over *really well*. Those of you who participated are given virtual hugs by my family, who were absolutely thrilled to note that I am not the only person who will break into song for no particular reason, and asked to one day visit so there can be a re-inactment.

I'm just not sure how Mimi will take having rats around, though. Think stuffed woudl work inspirationallly-speaking?

I'm awarding myself cookies for being *so good* that I'm not nagging at svmadelyn for more Devil!Lex. None of us should. At all. Not by clicking on that LJ and leaving a random message of hopeful yearning, wishing for our fix.