December 1st, 2004

children of dune - leto 1


There aren't any words for how much this *sickens* me. Found on xoverau.


Just. That's miles beyond civilized or acceptable behavior. That is *assault*.

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The world can suck as much as it wants to.

Because *I* have hot chocolate.

No, not the *boxed* kind. The kind where you are desperately watching your milk so it will scald and not create that thin, horrifying slimy film on top. With cocoa. And sugar. And vanilla. And *cinnamon*. And you and your whisk mix and mix and *mix*.

And you drink it and are content with the world.


Things That Amuse Me

Vocabulary word: lope

Child: Mama, is this sentence okay? "I loped when I got to the gym."
Me: What's wrong with "I loped to the gym?"
Child: *appalled* MOM! You can't *run to the gym*! It's wet outside! It's against the rules. You have to *walk*.

I need *inspiration*. Or maybe more hot chocolate. Hmm.
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children of dune - leto 1

missed, drat it all

I was left unattended and un-emailed, thus missed SV.

Do you feel guilty, svmadelyn? I hope you do.


And now I am all *spoiled* because I, left in the wilderness of LJ alone and unprotected, clicked on *everything*.

This is so sad. So very, very sad.

I hope this is a lesson about how *never* to leave anything up to my memory or my common sense, as it has been established, I lack both in spades.

But on the other hand, the DVR did record it, so watching tomorrow! Whee! And pre-spoiled, so I know there will be *minimal trauma*.

children of dune - leto 1

*frowns* stupid snippet

You know, it's one of those times where you *know* you had some idea of where this was supposed to go, and then it got lost. Possibly with all those socks that keep disappearing, and okay, my obsession with teh Mystery of the Missing Socks really is getting disturbing.

This snippet has *nothing* to do with socks. Unless they are in cahoots with my snippet. Which would be so not a surprise.

This is, seriously, a really pointless snippet. Queer as Folk, middish season four. I think I wrote it for someone (burnitbackwards? nonchop?). Do you remember what I was *thinking*?


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